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Hello! My name is Jessamyn (jess-uh-men) and I am Road West Photography. Making pictures with my camera is more than a passion for me, it is a giddy excitement that makes me talk loudly and fling my hands around wildly. I carry my camera around with me everywhere I go (it is literally next to my bed at night).


I have a BA in Visual Arts from Cal State San Marcos and have explored just about every art form I could get my hands on. Photography found me a few years ago and has since become a full-time obsession; I have followed the road it has paved for me. At CSUSM I worked as a university photographer for the Communications Department. The position allowed me to grow as a person and photographer, putting me into some amazing learning situations. While at the university, I photographed graduation, student life, and donor and sporting events.  In addition, I set up studio portraits of students, athletes, and faculty - any and all situations that were called for!

Southern California has been my home since birth.  Throughout my life, I have steadily moved closer and closer to the ocean and I absolutely love living in a coastal community. I drink more coffee than one person should in a day, Comic-con has been a yearly pilgrimage for my sister and me for the past 21 years (and counting), I’m a hopeless perfectionist, and I think pizza is the perfect food. My family is the backbone of everything I do; I am so lucky to have their support.




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